Math Illustrator Updated With HSV Color Controls

Pedagoguery Software Inc. has released an update for Tess, bringing it to version 151. Tess is a educational mathematical app designed for symmetric planar illustrations. The update features expanded color controls and imrpoved file management. According to Pedagoguery Software:

Pedagoguery Software Inc. has released Tess 1.51.

Tess is a Classic Mac application for exploring the mathematics of tessellations and for creating symmetric illustrations.

The new version produces smaller SVG files and can also work around limitations of common SVG browsers (e.g., Adobe SVG browser plug-ins) and importers (e.g., Illustrator 10).

Tess 1.51 also introduces interactive HSV color controls and works with a wider range of OpenGL drivers when displaying manifolds "in three dimensions".

You can find more information about the Tess update at the Pedagoguery Software Inc. Web site. Tess 1.51 is available for US$36.00.