Math Program Gets 3D

Pedagoguery Software has updated their math based, 3D model examination software, Poly Pro, to version 1.08. Poly Pro allows users to examine polyhedron shapes, and take a closer look at the math involved in designing and analyzing polyhedrons. According to Pedagoguery Software:

Poly Pro is an enhanced version of Poly that adds three-dimensional export capabilities using standard three-dimensional file formats. Models can be exported as 3DMF or DXF files. The evaluation version of Poly is fully-functional. The evaluation version of Poly Pro has one limitation: it will only export models of cubes.

Poly is a mathematics application for interactively exploring, on your mac, three dimensional polyhedra. Polyhedra may be flattened into a "net" and printed out, cut, folded, and taped together to make paper models. Poly Pro adds 3d export capabilities and is intended for 3d designers.

Poly Pro is available for US$58. You can find more information at the Pedagoguery Software web site.