Mathematica Teacher's Edition Released From Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research, Inc. has released a teacheris edition of Mathematica. Mathematica is a toolkit designed to aide math teachers in the classroom environment. The app ships with support for several forms of math including algebra and calculus, and features live 2D and 3D graphics. According to Wolfram Research:

Mathematica Teacheris Edition, a new product designed especially for high school teachers and community college professors, is now available for Mac OS X and is part of Appleis recently announced Math Curriculum Mobile Lab.

Mathematica Teacheris Edition is a specially designed toolkit for math teachers to save them time, simplify their daily work, and help them create a positive classroom experience for their students.

Mathematica Teacheris Edition features a custom designed graphical interface, including a point-and-click assignment
generator. It provides a wealth of tools such as ready-to-use classroom demos, interactive courseware, fully editable math typesetting, and the worldis best calculation system, to help math educators put their students on the fast-track to learning.

With Mathematica Teacheris Edition, you can:

  • Perform symbolic and numerical calculations in basic math, algebra, or calculus
  • Build customized assignments and quizzes
  • Automatically generate answer keys and verify solutions
  • Show classroom demos featuring live 2D and 3D graphics, animations, sounds, and interactive typeset formulas--all designed to help augment students&Mac226; intuition and interest
  • Illustrate multiple problem-solving approaches to any given problem
  • Take advantage of extensive, ready-to-use courseware or adapt it to fit your needs

You can find more information about the Mathematica Teacheris Edition release at the Wolfram Research, Inc. Web site. Mathematic Teacheris Edition is available for US$195.00.