Matterform Media Debuts Line of Apps Using Sonar File Monitoring Technology

Matterform Media on Tuesday introduced a line of applications based on its Sonar file system monitoring technology. Sonar monitors file changes, creations and deletions in real-time, taking advantage of the same low-level file system features used by Mac OS X Tigeris Spotlight and eliminating the need for lengthy sequential indexing.

The first two applications in Matterformis new lineup are Yank, an all-purpose uninstaller that monitors software installations in real-time, and Sonar, a standalone troubleshooting tool that is available now. Yank will ship in late October.

Sonar reports file system activity, noting all changes as they happen. Matterform notes that it can be used to see exactly what files are installed when a new program is loaded. It can also be employed to troubleshoot Spotlight-related slowdowns caused by highly active files, and developers can turn to it to see how often their software writes to a hard drive.

Sonar sells for US$17.95 and requires Tiger. Matterform did not release pricing or system requirements for Yank. As The Mac Observer posted this article, Matterform had not yet posted more in-depth information about Sonar on its Web site.

Sonar in action