Maximum Storage In Minimum Size: SanDisk Announces 1GB Memory Card

Hard drives for both desktop and portable computers have been growing at apretty steady rate, with 120GB desktop and 60GB portable hard drives now available.But the capacity of memory cards doesnit seem to be following the same curve.So imagine our surprise, while cruising the show floor, when we noticed thefollowing item being displayed at the SanDisk booth:

Could it be? Did they actually cram 1GB of data into a CompactFlash card? Yes and no. The product, which was actually announced in Novemberof last year, will be available, but not until later in Q1 2002, and is expected to sellfor under US$800. Of special note, especially for owners of digital cameras,MP3 players and other devices is that this is the thinner Type I form factor,instead of the chunkier Type II form factor.