Maxum Adds NetCLoak Support To iAssist

Maxum Development has announced the expanded feature set of iAssist. iAssist is a utility designed for Web server administrators. The application now features support for NetCloak and Apache 2. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development Corp. is pleased to announce that NetCloak functionality is now part of the companyis newest Internet server management tool, iAssist. At the same time, iAssist has also expanded to include functions for installing and managing Apache 2, complete with support for SSL and Virtual Hosting.

iAssist provides graphical, remote installation and control of a variety of Open Source Internet services, including Web proxy, Secure Shell, SSL Tunneling, and others. To this list, Maxum has now added the Apache 2 Web server, allowing network administrators to install and manage a Web server with a Mac-like interface from their own desktop.

You can find more information about iAssist at the Maxum Development Web site. iAssist is available starting at US$99.00 for previous users of NetCloak, while the full version is available for US$250.00.