Maxum Now Shipping iAssist 1.0

Maxum Development has released a new app for Mac users, iAssist 1.0. iAssist is a utility designed for Web server administrators. The feature set includes full proxy server implementation and remote login tools. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development today announced a new software product targeted at Mac OS X Internet server administrators. The new package, iAssist, is being launched with the lofty goal of becoming the "The Internet Server Manager For Mac OS X".

The current feature set of iAssist starts with a full proxy server implementation, based on a modified version of the popular Squid caching proxy server. In fact, all Maxum customers that have previously purchased Maxumis Classic Mac OS proxy server WebDoubler are being offered an upgrade to iAssist at no cost, regardless of when they bought WebDoubler.

Other functions include a tool for managing remote login, a key element of OS X Server but a source of numerous potential security issues, and a set of general server management tools that make working with an OS X serveris Unix underpinnings quicker and easier.

You can find more information about the iAssist release at the Maxum Development Web site. iAssist is available starting at US$250.00.