Maxum Shipping WebRev 1.0

Maxum Development is now shipping a new utility for Mac users titled WebRev 1.0. WebRev is designed for Web site administration and editing. The app features iAssist integration, also from Maxum, and the ability to restrict user accounts. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development is pleased to announce WebRev, a brand new tool for Web site developers. WebRev is designed to make minor Web page updates, edits and fixes easier than ever before, and is offered as a free component of iAssist, Maxumis Internet server management system.

Any Web author that has ever noticed a typo or wanted to make live edits of their Web site will appreciate WebRev. Fundamentally, WebRev is a basic Web browser, based on Appleis WebKit technology, with one important difference: For Web pages loaded from known servers, the HTML source of the page is automatically displayed in a standard Mac text edit box. Web site developers can add to or edit their HTML pages, and save them back to the server on the fly.

You can find more information about the WebRev release at the Maxum Development Web site. WebRev is available as freeware.