May Brings With It A New Issue Of WPDFD

The May issue of Web Page Design For Designers is available. The new issue take a quick look at Adobeis Photoshop Elements as well as examining the state of the Web-Safe Palette. Also included are some handy tips for using text layers in your page design. According to WPDFD:

Article: Is the Web-Safe palette really dead?
With most surfers now using 16-bit or better monitor colour depths, sticking to Web-Safe colours is not as important as it used to be - but it does have other uses besides...

Find out what palettes are all about with a short history lesson, why the Web-Safe Palette came about and what to do with it now!

Mini Review: Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements is not just the cut-down version of Photoshop that it appears to be at first glance. It may just be all that you will ever need and there is very little removed except the $$$.

TopTip: Type Layer Tricks
There are all kinds of tricks you can play with type by just having the same text on multiple layers that are slightly offset from one another.

New iMinii Fonts
Four new shareware pixel fonts join Mini 7 and Tenacity this month.

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