McAfee Releases Anti-Virus Program For OS X

Now that OS X is "officially" in the hands of the public, users of Appleis latest and greatest have to start concerning themselves with real world computer problems, including viruses. On that front, McAfee has released a beta version of their Virex Anti-Virus program. Virex 7.0 for OS X currently features a command line setup, but we should expect a graphical wrapper for the program when the final version ships. According to McAfee:

This Beta has been designed to run only on the Released version of OSX. We do not recommend running this product on previous releases of OSX, including the Public Beta of OSX, as this product uses new functionality which was not available in earlier versions.

The first Beta only contains the Command line scanner, a subsequent Beta will introduce a more familiar Virex Application.

The beta version of Virex 7.0 for OS X is available for free. You can find more information at the McAfee Web site.