Media 100 Announces Three Digital Publishing Solutions

Media 100 has announced a software-based MPEG solution, as well as a software-based interactive streaming media authoring system. In addition, they have released an automated system for publishing streaming content. According to Media 100:

Media 100 today announced the immediate availability of Cleaner MPEG Charger; a software-only MPEG solution for Cleaner 5 users with comprehensive control over MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 content creation for DVD, Video CD, CD-ROM and digital broadcasting.

Cleaner MPEG Charger works seamlessly with Cleaner 5, allowing users to create professional-quality MPEG content from all popular video, audio and animation file formats, even Macromedia Flash--with all of the power and ease-of-use of the award-winning Cleaner 5.

Cleaner MPEG Charger is available immediately as an add-on option for Cleaner 5 US$499.

Media 100 announced today the industryis first fully-automated stream publishing system for capturing, encoding and managing high-quality digital audio content. Developed by the Media 100 Services division as a turnkey solution for clients in need of a high-quality, high-volume audio encoding solution, audio:box enables these high volume encoding facilities to convert audio assets from audio CD, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to any streaming media format, including MP3, Windows Media, RealAudio, QuickTime and .WAV.

Audio:box leverages the technology of Media 100is Cleaner 5 software to ensure the highest-quality creation of multi-format digital audio content,

Audio:box is available immediately and pricing is available upon request.

Media 100 today announced that CineStream, the industryis first software-based interactive streaming media authoring solution for Web developers and professional content creators, is available immediately. Media 100 CineStream enables a broader range of customers to create and deliver superior quality, highly-interactive streaming media programs for delivery over the Internet. CineStream provides a unique, software-based approach to creating video programs specifically designed for the interactive nature of the Internet and is ideally suited for customers entering the burgeoning streaming media marketplace.

Available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, Media 100 CineStream leverages several key streaming media technologies developed by Media 100 that enable users to capture video content directly from digital video (DV) sources, edit video content with speed and precision, author compelling interactive elements directly into the editing timeline and encode the final product in all major streaming media formats, including Windows Media, RealSystems, QuickTime and MPEG-1.

CineStream is available for US$499 or $479 at Media 100is Web site.

You can find more information about Cleaner MPEG Charger, Audio:box and CineStream at the Media 100 Web site.