Media Organizer Comes To OS X

Rune Lindman has released QPict Media Organizer for Mac OS X. QPict allows a central access point for browsing, organizing, and viewing multimedia files. QPict functions much like a web browser, with the focus of managing an array of multi-media files. According to Rune Lindman:

Unlock the power of Mac OS X with this brand new version of QPict Media Organizer. Use QPict as your central MultiMedia access point where you can organize and view images, full screen video, listen to MP3 files or even watch live streamed audio and video. QPict for Mac OS X is adapted to the spectacular Aqua appearance and is redesigned to take advantage of the new efficient virtual memory manager in Mac OS X.

What is QPict Media Organizer?
QPict Media Organizer is a powerful and easy to use Multimedia browser and viewer (also called Media Asset Management). The design goals for QPict was to create a tool that is easy to use and operates fast while still being able to perform advanced tasks. With its uncluttered interface QPict is designed to meet the needs from any kind of user from home enthusiasts to professionals. QPict is meant to be a general everyday tool for anyone working with media files. This can be newspaper publishers, photographers, web designers, institutions, museums, publishing professionals, scientists, educators, students, doctors, cinematographers, cartoonists, illustrators, real estate agents, technologists, magazine designers, multimedia producers, CD producers etc.

The following will give you some idea of what QPict is capable of:

With QPict you have one place to view all your Multimedia files and fonts. With the slideshow option you can create beautiful presentations. QPict can view all common media file formats including images, movie clips, streaming video & audio, fonts, VR, 3D.

With QPict itis very easy to browse through thousands of image files. You can either view and select the items to trash in the thumbnail view or view each image and press backspace for the ones you want to trash.

With QPict you can create index for all you files and group them as you like no matter where they are located, on CD-ROM, your hard disk or even on the Internet!

With QPict you can add ANPA (ITPC) annotation (PhotoShop compatible) to each file. All these fields can be searched (33 different search criteria) with the advanced multithreaded search engine.

With QPict you can add Keywords, Categories, Captions and 28 other fields to thousands of media files in one simple operation.

With QPict you have a advanced way to upload and download files without the need of an dedicated ftp application. This way you can distribute an index to your customers or colleges without the need to distribute all the media files.

QPict Media Organizer is available for US$35, which entitles you to use the OS 9.x and OS X version. You can find more information at the QPict web site.