Media Viewer Updated

Rune Lindman has updated the the media organizer/viewer, QPict Media Organizer, to version 5.0b2. QPict allows users to easily store and organize multimedia files, and just as easily browse through them. According to Rune Lindman:

QPict Media Organizer 5.0b2 is now released with many improvements.

About QPict
QPict is a powerful and easy to use Multimedia browser/viewer for Mac OS. With QPict you can easily view and organize all your Multimedia files including all common images, movie clips, fonts, VR, 3D and many other media types. With QPict you can create slideshows of your Multimedia files for demonstrational purposes. With QPict you can convert between all common image formats. The Multimedia files can be located on your harddisk, CD-ROM:s or any other media or remote on the Internet/intranet.

Whatis New in QPict 5.0

  • Support for Mac OS X
  • Adapted to the Aqua GUI
  • List view - fully customisable - 80 different criteria
  • Improved export operation
  • 3 new index themes (Aqua, Aqua Lite & Platinum)
  • Improved support for multiple monitors
  • New Flexible Info/Edit Annotation dialog
  • Merge Index
  • Support for > 32000 items in index*
  • Two random modes in slideshow (random & true random)
  • Set & Remove Desktop image (Mac OS 8/9 only)
  • Support for Re-open event
  • User adjustable cache size
  • MP3 support.
  • MP3 to AIFF Conversion
  • Movie conversion
  • Sort using 80 different criteria
  • New media navigator window
  • New media caption window

QPict Media Organizer is available for US$35. You can find more information at the QPict Web site.