Medical Billing Software Updated

Silvamber Software has updated their medical billing application, Medical Billing Circle, to version 6.6. The new version of the popular medical office application includes over 40 improvements and new features. According to Silvamber Software:

An important new version of the Medical Billing Circl(tm) software is released today. Over 40 major new features and many smaller improvements are incorporated. Some of the areas: scheduling, cross platform graphics, cross indexing of diagnoses and services, policies, places of service, e-mail, customization of ouput designs, statements, data caching, imports, exports and duplication.

The medical billing software either as stand alone double clickable single user or for use with 4D/4D server? takes advantage of the advanced relational implementation of the common engine. Powerful notions such as projections, reductions, unions, intersections, connections etc. become accessible to the every day user in a friendly way, opening up a completely new horizon for data processing and productivity.


  • Fully cross platform compatible (Windows or Mac, or a combination of both).
  • Full featured database integrated word processor.
  • Powerful multi-resource database integrated appointment scheduler.
  • Full featured database integrated e-mail send and receive from/to each work station for either internal office communication and/or internet communications (Communicate with insurance companies, vendors, etc. from within the program instead of having your valuable staff hang on the phone for hours).
  • Customizable database integrated label maker/Wizard.
  • All documents printed or sent electronically can be digitally stored as per your preferences.
  • Payments are uniquely efficient in that EOB and bulk payment entries are handled automatically. It takes one person minutes instead of hours to enter a huge Medicare or Blue Cross payment because payments are distributed to open charges automatically according to the percentage preference set in each patients insurance profile.
  • All charges are policed by the program so that no charges are left uncollected (you donit need your staff to do this, and if you currently rely on them to do so, you are losing money!).
  • Built in marketing techniques to reduce overhead and actually make your practice grow.

Pricing for Medical Billing Circle begins at US$960. You can find more information at the Medical Billing Circle Web site.