MegaSeg 2.5.1 Fixes 10.1.5 Stability Issues

Fidelity Media has released an update for MegaSeg, bringing it to version 2.5.1. MegaSeg is an MP3 sound mixer designed for mobile DJis and automated radio stations. The update features improvements including OS 10.1.5 stability fixes. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media announced an update to MegaSeg 2.5, their mobile DJ and radio music automation system which introduced Category Scheduling and Events to generate playlists with programmed music rotations and triggered actions at timed intervals.

The 2.5.1 update fixes a stability problem when running on OS X 10.1.5, as well as improvements to Hot Keys, Playlist Rules, library sorting, using multiple external hard drives, the Log and Video windows, drag-n-drop importing, Preview locking, and more.

You can find more information about the MegaSeg update at the MegaSeg Web site. MegaSeg 2.5.1 is available for US$169.00.