MegaSeg Bundled With Griffin's iMic USB Audio Adapter

Fidelity Media has announced that they will be bundling Griffinis iMac USB Audio Adapter with their DJ package, MegaSeg, for a limited time. MegaSeg allows Mac users to turn their machine into a full-fledged DJ system, while the iMac will provide MegaSeg users with more power and control while DJing. According to Fidelity Media:

In celebration of the MacWorld Expo this week, Fidelity Media announced a special bundle of their MegaSeg Pro DJ software with the Griffin iMic USB audio adapter. The combo allows DJis to cue and preview songs in their headphones while simultaneously playing music for a party by adding a second stereo output to their Mac. The free iMic bundle offer is available at, and expires July 23rd.

MegaSeg is a professional solution for DJis who need more mixing control than Appleis iTunes offers. In addition to MegaSegis already famous library search and categorizing system, allowing users to find requests instantly, MegaSegis cross-fade and new beat mixing capabilities adds features professional DJis require. Multiple sound output devices are fully supported for independent speaker output and headphone cue monitoring.

For DJis that want the easiest possible setup available, MegaSeg will free users from carting around CDis, CD players, and mixers to and from gig after gig. MegaSeg on a sleek new Macintosh laptop gives users a complete compact mobile DJ system, with a painless setup to boot.

MegaSeg is available for US$149. You can find more information at the MegaSeg Web site.