MegaSeg Updated With Panther Support And More

Fidelity Media has released an update for MegaSeg, bringing it to version 2.7. MegaSeg is an MP3 sound mixer designed for mobile DJis and automated radio stations. The update features numerous enhancements including Panther support and speed optimizations. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media, Inc. announced the release of MegaSeg 2.7 Professional DJ Music Mixing and Automation software for Mac OS X and OS 9.

MegaSeg is the premiere mobile DJ and radio station automation solution for Professional MP3 and QuickTime mixing and programming. You can now organize your MP3 music collection (or nearly any QuickTime supported file format), and segue between songs (cross-fade or beatmix) without using any extra mixing equipment.

The update is composed of over 60 improvements, including:

  • OS X Panther support
  • full compatibility with the Contour Shuttle Pro controller
  • scroll wheel mice support
  • Unicode text support for AAC and ID3 tags
  • pop-up tips with full track information
  • an Insert Break command for the Playlist
  • the ability to set the audio output for Hot Keys
  • color coded requests
  • Dock menu playback controls
  • interrupt option for Events
  • a modifier key to repeat Hot Keys
  • better ID3 and AAC tag support including ID3 v2.4
  • improved Library Text Cleaner and Scan for Duplicate features
  • speed optimizations
  • and playlists saved in a format compatible with iTunes

You can find more information about the MegaSeg update at the MegaSeg Web site. MegaSeg 2.7 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$169.00.