Mega Minesweeper Gains OS X Compatibility

The Mac version of one of the greatest puzzle games of all time, Mega Minesweeper, has been Carbonized for full functionality under OS X. Version 1.5b0 includes support for multiple themes and soundsets, as well as mindeblowing puzzle sizes. According to the programis publisher, Carrot Software:

Carrot Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Mega Minesweeper v1.5b0 for Mac OS X Public Beta. ?Mega Minesweeper is a modern version of minesweeper that supports exterme fields sizes, plug-in Themes and Sound effects, saving and opening games, and much more. ?It runs natively under OS X, so you no longer have to launch the Classic enviornment to play. ?The interface has been updated to behave smoothly under Aqua.

This release also includes a beautiful new Theme plug-in called Rainbow by Marisa Delvaille. ?It is available for download seperately at the MMS website for users of older versions.

Mega Minesweeper is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Carrot Software web site.