Meilenstein Updates Televio With Channel Assistant

Meilenstein has released an update for Televio, bringing it to version 1.7. Televio is a tuner utility designed for turning a Mac into a TV receiver. The update features a Channel Assistant and support for two PCI cards. According to Meilenstein:

Meilenstein, a German software development company, today announced the PCI TV Tuner solution Televio 1.7. The new release features a Channel Assistant to ease setup and configuration and supports dual card configurations.

Televio is the only product available that enhances Apple PowerMac computers with a full size and high grade TV picture with stereo audio, a IR remote that controls all Mac applications and a stereo FM radio.

The new Channel Assistant uses an Internet connection to determine and name the channels available at the useris location. Televio now supports two PCI cards within one PowerMac. The two cards could be used to digitize two independent video streams at the same time. Together with the new command line tool to set up the tuner, Televio now makes for a perfect streaming solution.

You can find more information about the Televio update at the product home page. Televio is available for US$149.95.