Melonsoft Now Shipping PianistEnvy

Melonsoft is now shipping a new app for Mac users, PianistEnvy 1.0. PianistEnvy is a music creation utility designed keyboard piano playing. The app features over 120 instruments and support for Octave, Pressure, and Duration controls. According to Melonsoft:

Melonsoft today announced the debut of PianistEnvy, the playfully-named digital piano application for MacOS X/9.

PianistEnvy allows anyone with a Mac and QuickTime™ to instantly unleash 120 crystal-clear instruments built-into Appleis QuickTime™ software. Each note can be extensively manipulated through the Octave, Pressure
and Duration controls. If you find the "point and click" approach to piano playing tedious, simply use your Macis keyboard as an alternative.

PianistEnvy is a great tool for anyone who wants to make a little music with their Mac.


  • 120+ instruments, including 60 piece drum kit
  • 80+ notes for every instrument
  • Octave, Pressure and Duration controls
  • Use your Macis keyboard as a piano keyboard
  • Familiar user interface

You can find more information about the PianistEnvy release at the Melonsoft Web site. PianistEnvy 1.0 is available for US$5.00.