Memorex Debuts Flash Drive With LCD, Mega TravelDrive With More Capacity

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Memorex has expanded its line-up of USB 2.0 TravelDrives with the introduction of the flash-based TravelDrive ID, which features a built-in LCD screen that shows its contents as well as how much storage capacity remains. The company also debuted Mega TravelDrives that come in 6GB and 8GB capacities; they use micro drives, similar to the ones found in the iPod.

TravelDrive IDis LCD can display up to 13 characters that designate its name, show a date or explain its contents. When it ships next month, it will be available in 512MB (US$79.99), 1GB ($119.99) and 2GB ($199.99) capacities.

The Mega TravelDrive was originally available only in a 4GB capacity ($119.99) but now also comes in 6GB ($149.99) and 8GB ($199.99) versions. Like their predecessor, the new drives are smaller than a two-inch square and feature a pivoting USB connector that folds into the case when no longer needed. A blue LED indicator flashes during data transfer. A black carrying pouch and a USB cable are included.

Memorex did not have pages for the new products on its Web site as The Mac Observer posted this article.

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