Memorial Service, Contact Information For Rodney O. Lain Announced

The family of Rodney O. Lain has allowed us to release memorial service information, as well as contact information for those wishing to send cards and memorials. Rodney O. Lain died during the weekend. From his family:

Services for Rodney Lain will be at 6pm on Thursday, June 20 at:

Spielman Mortuary
344 University Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55103

(Coordinator is Tony Carsinia in case you have questions)

There will be a visitation between 5 and 6 PM on that same day. Anyone may attend.

Irma (Rodneyis wife) has asked that cards and memorials be sent to her home address at:

Irma Lain
1841 Narvik Court
Eagan, MN 55122

Flowers are of limited use here, so Irma would prefer flowers not be sent. "Cards and memorials" are preferred.

We ask that any contact with Mrs. Lain be limited to the cards and memorials mentioned above, and to respect her privacy. We would also like to thank the friends of Rodneyis who have worked with us to let us know what was happening.

You are invited to join Rodneyis friends from the Mac Web and the physical world in our forums to talk about Rodney, his work, and the memories we have of him. We have also prepared a list of the many tribute articles and links to forum threads about Rodney.