Mercedes-Benz Includes iMac Among The Best Of Things

Observer Dan Schwartz sent us a note about a recent Mercedes-Benz commercial that places the iMac on a pedestal of greatness. From Observer Dan:

Iim not sure if this add has been reported to TMO before, but I found this amusing:

There is a Mercedes-Benz commercial on TV. A voice-over talks about the preserving the best things on earth (created by man?). Then thereis a shot of a giant arc with people loading stuff onto it. A man walks up the ramp to the arc holding a graphite iMac. Itis clearly visible. The next shot is (of course) of a pair of Mercedes driving up the ramp to the arc. I just found it amusing that another companyis product would be so clearly displayed - and held in such high esteem - in their commercial.

-Dan Schwartz

Thanks for the note, Dan, and we think thatis pretty amazing too! If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.