Mercury News Offers WWDC Recap, & Glimpse At Apple's Future

A pen based Mac? An OS X based cell phone? A San Jose Mercury News article titled "Apple developers conference gives rare peek at future" suggests that these things may be in the cards for Apple consumers based on what was revealed at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) this week. The article offers a recap of announcements and events at this years WWDC and offers speculation at what those announcements may mean to future Macs. From the article:

Apple Computer gave a glimpse into its product plans this week, something the company does not do often. Even though Apple has a small sliver of the overall PC market at about 3 percent, the companyis big research budget and trailblazing reputation make it worth watching. Other companies in the PC industry tend to follow Appleis lead.

And, based on Apple CEO Steve Jobsi comments Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Appleis future will have much to do with communication devices.

Whatis a communication device? Think cell phones, e-mail pagers and instant messenger software. At the very least, Apple is building software into its Mac OS X operating system that will allow its Macintosh computers to more easily exchange data with communication gadgets. Itis even possible that the company is working on a device -- say, a high-tech cell phone -- of its own.

The article is an interesting read, especially for those who may be wondering where Apple may be going with the introduction of iChat and Inkwell technologies in OS X.