Mergemill 3.8 Updated With FTP Uploading And More

Cross Culture Limited has released an update for Mergemill, bringing it to version 3.8. Mergemill is a Web development tool designed for the creation of Web pages and CD-ROMs. The latest update features FTP uploads and Merge format acceptance. According to Cross Culture Limited:

Cross Culture Limited today announced the immediate release of Mergemill 3.8.

The software merges templates with content source files to create the desired output. It enables users to quickly and easily generate Web pages from a database, or reformat database data into readable form for publishing.

The upgrade brings dozens of improvements and two new features.

It now accepts content source files exported from databases in the iMergei format. Mergemill 3.8 also brings automatic FTP upload into the workflow. Users can easily set up multiple FTP accounts, and instruct Mergemill to immediately upload the generated webpages to a specified server directory.

You can find more information about the Mergemill update at the Cross Culture Limited Web site. Mergemill 3.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$59.00.