Mergemill Updated With Batch-Edit Bug Fixes

Cross Culture Limited has released an update for Mergemill, bringing it to version 3.6.2. Mergemill is a Web development tool designed for the creation of Web pages and CD-ROMs. The update features batch-edit bug fixes. According to Cross Culture Limited:

Cross Culture Limited today announced the immediate release of Mergemill 3.6.2, together with a new collection of free web templates. Hundreds more templates will be released for download in the coming weeks.

Mergemill is versatile website development and database tools in one package. It serves well in multiple parts of the web publishing workflow, especially when users need to web publish text-based contents. It may be used to easily create thousands of static Web pages from simple text files, spreadsheets or databases, to be published on the web or CD-ROM.

The Mergemill 3.6.2 update addresses an important batch-edit issue. Most users may leave the Task Name of tasks empty in defining merge jobs. By default, the Batch Edit form also leaves the Task Name filter empty. If the user specifies just the Field Tag filter in using the Batch Edit form, the change is applied to all tasks with an empty Task Name as well, which will very likely overwrite tasks which the user does not intend to include. The update fixes this problem by skipping tasks with empty Task Name in the batch-edit process.

You can find more information about the Mergemill update at the Cross Culture Limited Web site. Mergemill 3.6.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$59.00.