Mergemill Updated With Expanded Tag Features

Cross Culture Limited has released an update for Mergemill, bringing it to version 3.5. Mergemill is a Web development tool designed for the creation of Web pages and CD-ROMs. The update features tags expansions for output formatting. According to Cross Culture Limited:

Cross Culture Limited today announced the immediate release of Mergemill 3.5, which is a versatile publishing tool best for developing Web sites or generating html files for CD-ROMs.

The software merges templates with content source files to generate the desired output. It enables users to quickly create Web pages from a database or spreadsheet, or reformat data into readable form for publishing. Source contents may easily come from FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, 4th Dimension, Microsoft Excel, AppleWorks, or any text editor.

Mergemill 3.5 is a significant upgrade with dozens of improvements. It greatly expands the IF tags and adds a whole new set of CASE tags. Comparison expressions in these decision tags now allow far more variations. Users may use any one of three comparison operators, specify a range of check values instead of one, and include the iwildcardi symbol in any check value. IF and CASE structures can be mixed and nested. These improvements together offers users tremendous freedom in selecting contents to be published or how parts of the output are to be formatted based on source data values.

You can find more information about the Mergemill update at the Cross Culture Limited Web site. Mergemill 3.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$59.00.