Merilus Feels The Call, Brings Windows/Linux Security Products To Mac OS X

A company called Merilus, Inc. has announced that it is bringing its security products for Linux and Windows to Mac OS X. The company is bringing its FireCard line, a firewall built into a PC card, and Gateway Guardian, a software firewall product, to Appleis new platform. From Merilus:

Merilus, Inc. has announced that their entire line of network security products including the Gateway Guardian and FireCard lines are now available to run on the new Mac OS X from Apple.

"It is our mission to provide security solutions that are effective, simple to use and universal to all systems, so enhancing the Inferno Global Management System to work with the Mac OS X operating system was a major priority for Merilus," stated Merilus CEO Dana Epp. "This new up-grade will provide Mac users with a network security and management solution that will protect their networks from outside intrusion as well greatly improve network performance."

"Creative Computing and Education are major markets for Merilus products," said Steve Hemenway, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Merilus. "It is common practice in both these industries to run either pure Mac environments or hybrid networks consisting of Macs and PCis. This new upgrade gives System Administrators the freedom to take advantage of the wide array of security and network enhancement features offered in both the Merilus FireCard and Gateway Guardian product lines. Using Merilus products, Mac users running the new Mac OS X can now easily set up firewalls, manage bandwidth, create VPN tunnels and more."

This update will be made available at no extra charge to all existing Merilus customers and will be incorporated into all new product. Merilus products are available through distribution at Tech Data, EMJ and Ingram Micro.

You can find more information on FireCard and Gateway Guardian at Merilusis Web site. FireCard is priced US$675 and US$1495 for the FireCard Plus. Gateway Guardian is priced at US$265 for the professional version, US$365 for the VPN edition, and US$865 for the enterprise edition. All of these products are available for Mac OS X now. The companyis site has not yet been updated with Mac-specific information, but The Mac Observer was told this is only because Merilusi Webmaster is on vacation.