MetaFacts Finds That Over Half of Mac Households are 'Apple Faithful'

Research firm MetaFacts announced on Tuesday the results of its latest report on Apple, which indicates that over 50 percent of households with Macs plan to buy another one or have owned another Mac in the past. This is a first in more than a decade, according to the company, which also said that the percentage of Apple households planning another Mac purchase has increased.

MetaFacts principal analyst Dan Ness said in a statement, however, that "there are still challenges ahead for Apple. Now, most Apple households also have Windows computers, Apple slipped from being the primary computer used in the home, and the number of households with multiple Apple computers is dropping. If Appleis best customers lose faith, it makes it that much harder for Apple."

MetaFactsi report, which is more than 300 pages long and includes a complete technology user profile study, can be obtained through the companyis Web site. It sells for US$3,600.