Metabox Lowers Prices On Firewire Drive Enclosures

Metabox has lowered the price on their line of Firewire hard drives. The Metabox Firewire drive enclosures feature IBM ATA/66 drive mechanisms, but offer the high speed and simplicity of the Firewire interface. According to Metabox:

The MetaDrive Firewire hard disk from Met@box receives an excellent ratingfrom German magazine MacUP. New low pricing makes the MetaDrive the bestchoice.

According to MacUP magazine "The Met@Drive can be considered a solid,state-of-the-art type of harddisk. The housings are produced carefullywithout impairments, the implemented harddisks are first-grade, and thedriver complies with the current requirements."

The Met@drive Desktop include only the best and fastest Ultra66 drivemechanisms from IBM. These drives are designed for the video andmultimedia professional who need to know their files are stored on the mostreliable desktop storage unit. The IEEE1394 based storage solutions fromMet@box provide a combination of security, ease of use, stability and speedthat you canit find with other external storage solutions. The drives arecompatible with MacIntosh and PC solutions equipped with Firewireconnections. With the included software, raid solutions are available onboth the Mac OS? and Windows? Platforms.

The Met@drive Desktop Firewire hard drive now begins at US$299. You can find more information at the Metabox Web site.