Metafy Updates Anthracite With Unicode Overhaul

Metafy LLC has released an update for Anthracite, bringing it to version 1.0.4. Anthracite is a utility designed for Web based data mining. The update expands Unicode support for multiple languages. According to Metafy LLC:

Anthracite updated to 1.0.4.

Anthracite is the ultimate collection of Web mining power tools combined in an easy-to-use graphical environment that lets you quickly and seamlessly extract data from Internet sources, modify it to suit your needs, and export it to templates or databases as part of your daily workflow.

Anthracite has had a complete overhaul of its Unicode support across the application, and now supports Web mining in multiple languages with the same ease.

The disk image includes sample documents in Chinese and German, and itis also been tested with Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic and several European languages.

You can find more information about the Anthracite update at the Metafy LLC Web site. Anthracite is available for US$99.00.