Metrowerks To Provide CodeWarrior Based OS X Tools At WWDC

Developers attending next weekis WWDC will be treated to the latest OS X development tools from Metrowerks. The early release version of Code Warrior for OS X will provide developers with a basic set of tools to start programming for OS X, and will provide a preview of what to expect from the full version of Code Warrior for OS X, expected to be available this Fall. According to Metrowerks:

Metrowerks is providing Mac OS developers at Appleis Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) early access to new CodeWarrior¬ tools for Mac OS X. The Early Access tools support the Mach-O object file format, providing developers with access to the full set of native Mac OS X APIs, and will allow developers to create Java 2 applications on Mac OS X for the first time.

The tools, which will be included in an upcoming version of CodeWarrior for Mac OS due out this fall, will be given out to WWDC attendees at no cost. With improved debugging capabilities for Mach-O and the Preferred Execution Format (PEF), the tools provide Mac OS developers with increased performance and reliability.

"Providing developers with early access to new tools for Mac OS X reflects Metrowerksi commitment to the Apple developer community and strong support for Appleis new operating system," said John Smolucha, vice president of marketing, Metrowerks. "This release is our response to what the Mac developer community has told us they need, and our intent is to give them access to these tools as early as possible so they can be in a better position to develop for Mac OS X."

The Early Access release includes a new CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with support for Mac OS X frameworks. The IDE includes updated Mach-O compilers, the first Java debugger for Mac OS X, updated Metrowerks Standard Libraries (MSL), an updated PowerPlant framework, and many other new, improved, and updated components for targeting PEF and Mach-O on Mac OS X. At the same time, developers can use the same CodeWarrior tools to develop for Classic Mac OS.

You can find more information about their entire line of products at the Metrowerks Web site.