Metrowerks To Release New Development Tools At Macworld

Metrowerks has released a new version of the CodeWarrior Learning Edition Development Tools, bringing it to version 3. CodeWarrior Learning Edition Development Tools is an educational tool designed for students and novice software developers. According to Metrowerks:

Metrowerks will be releasing its newest version of CodeWarrior Learning Edition Development Tools for Mac OS Version 3.

The Learning Edition is a simplified version of the tools Metrowerks provides to professional developers -- specifically designed to be easy to use by students and new computer programmers. Additionally, Metrowerks will demo its latest product releases for the Mac community, CodeWarrior Development Tools for Mac OS, Version 8 - the most comprehensive tool set for Mac OS to date.

You can find more information about the Metroworks line of development tools at the Metrowerks Web site.