Micromat Announces TechTool Protogo

Micromat announnced TechTool Protogo, an application that turns an iPod, a Flash drive, or similar device into a bootable device that can diagnose and repair a Mac. The announcement came on Tuesday. One of the features touted by this product is the ability to turn an older, less often used iPod into a more useful diagnostic device.

Protogo ships on a DVD and allows the Mac OS X user to install TechTool Pro 4 for Mac OS X on the iPod. (Mac OS 9 is also supported.) With the tools installed, Micromat says the the user can:

  • Boot most Macintosh computers
  • Diagnose and repair hard drive problems
  • Test major hardware components
  • Optimize and defragment hard drive volumes
  • Rebuild volume directories
  • Recover data from damaged volumes
  • Repartition hard drives without losing data
  • Boot different Mac OS versions from different partitions
  • TechTool Protogo will ship at Macworld on January 9th. It is priced at US$199.00.