Micromat Updates TechTool Lite

Micromat has updated their system maintenance utility, TechTool Lite, to version 3.0.1. TechTool Lite allows users to more efficiently rebuild the Desktop File and "zap" the systemis PRAM. The utility can also diagnose the system for file damage. According to Micromat:

TechTool is the acclaimed utility that solves those incurable problems which elude other utilities. With TechTool you can:

  • Analyze your system and finder for damage.
  • Alter file and folder information with File Lab
  • Zap the entire PRAM chip.
  • Delete the desktop file, the better alternative to rebuilding.
  • Clean your floppy drive (use with drive cleaning disk).
  • View, print and save a multitude of information about your Mac.

New to version 3.0.1:

  • New interface like TechTool Pro
  • File Lab
  • More tests
  • Added support for US versions of system 9.1

TechTool Lite is available for free. You can find more information at the Micromat Web site.