Microsoft Brings Mac Corporate Users Up To Speed With Outlook 2001

Microsoft has released, at long last, Outlook 2001 for the Mac. Outlook is the client used to interact with Microsoft Exchange Server, which is used in many corporate environments. Outlook 2001 brings the Mac up to speed for those that need to work in an Exchange Server environment. Microsoft has introduced a few Mac-only features such as the Keychain to manage passwords, drag-an-drop installation, and user-interface themes. Outlook 2001 is not a native Mac OS X application, but will reportedly work from within the Classic environment. From Microsoft:

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - news) today announced the release of Microsoft® Outlook® 2001 for Mac to the Web for download. As the premier messaging and collaboration client for Macintosh computers accessing Microsoft Exchange Server-based e-mail and collaboration services, Outlook 2001 for Mac helps organizations be more productive. Outlook 2001 enables users of Microsoft Outlook to easily communicate and share information across the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

"Macintosh users can now interact seamlessly with millions of Outlook users worldwide," said Kevin Browne, general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft. "By enabling both Mac and Windows-based users to communicate, share contacts, schedule meetings and more, weive broken down yet another barrier to help our customers perform better and get faster results."

Outlook 2001 for Mac uses the same data format as Outlook for Windows. Mac users can now access shared contacts and files in public folders and view the calendars of other users.

Outlook 2001 takes advantage of key Apple technologies and the unique capabilities of the Mac operating system. Outlook 2001 has a user interface that is visually appealing and easy to use for Macintosh users, with a familiar Finder interface, menus, toolbars and preferences.

Users will find a host of Mac-only features, such as drag-and-drop installation, which allows for installation of the application simply by copying its folder to a hard drive, and Keychain support, which allows for the secure storage of password and user ID information. And with support for user interface themes, the look and feel of Outlook 2001 for Mac will fit right in with the Mac desktop.

Outlook Web Access (included in Exchange Server) complements Outlook 2001 for Mac by enabling Mac users to access information stored on their Exchange Server via the Web. Outlook Web Access provides access to e-mail, calendaring and contacts from a Web browser.

Pricing and Availability

Outlook 2001 for Mac is available in English, French, German and Japanese versions. Exchange 2000 customers are licensed to use Outlook 2001 for Mac. Customers can also order a CD set containing Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1, Outlook 2002 for Windows and Outlook 2001 for Mac from , or by calling 800-360-7561.

You can find more information and download links for Outlook 2001 at Microsoftis Web site.