Microsoft Ceases Development On Internet Explorer For Mac

The news has swept the tech world: Microsoft will no longer develop Internet Explorer for the Mac. According to MacUser UK, the company says it will continue to support the existing release, and MacCentral is reporting that one final release will be available soon, and that version 5 will be supported with maintenance releases. From MacUser UK:

Roz Ho, the general manager of Microsoftis Mac Business Unit, has confirmed that no future versions of Internet Explorer will be released for the Mac.

Ho says that the decision has been made to make way for Appleis own Safari browser. iSome of the key customer requests for web browsing on the Mac require close development between the browser and the OS, something to which only Apple has access,i she explained.

You can find the full article at MacUser UKis Web site.

In other Microsoft-related news today, Big Redmond bought a Linux company, and then announced it would discontinue that companyis popular Linux antivirus solution. Microsoftis competitors have also said that Microsoft is abusing the terms of its antitrust settlement with the DoJ.