Microsoft Claims Aero Has Little Impact on System Performance

The Aero interface had little or no impact on Windows Vistais performance according to measurements made on the most common business software activities in tests conducted by a North Carolina company. Principled Technologies was hired by Microsoft to do the study according to a story published at Information Week on Friday.

A Microsoft programmer with the Client Performance team was quoted: "We put quite a bit of effort into making sure that the new visuals were as efficient as possible, and it really paid off...You can run Aero without guilt!"

Microsoft has been under scrutiny because itis Vista Aero technology appears to copy some elements of Mac OS X and the Aqua interface. Even though Windows business applications are not known for taxing the system in the same fashion as complex video effects -- all considered Macintosh strengths -- the research and quote by Microsoft could be viewed as an attempted counter to many IT professionalsi feeling that the Aero interface is a computational luxury and should be disabled. Those decisions could, in turn, hurt Microsoftis initiatives to promote and solidify Aero as an equal competitor to Mac OS X in the graphics and video industries.