Microsoft Launches the Art of Office

The Microsoft Business Unit (Mac BU) has announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a new Website called, the Art of Office. The site aims to provide an outlet for Macintosh users of MS Office to showcase their best and most creative work.

"Art of Office is a user-generated community site where people can submit artistic and/or useful content using Office for Mac applications. This online community allows people to share, rate, remix and discuss user-submitted content with other Office for Mac users around the world, whether it?s creating pixel art using Excel (such as the famous ?Happy 10th Birthday? art), developing an animated short story in PowerPoint or artistic pieces in Word," Microsoftis PR group told TMO.

Art of Office, partial screen shot

The Website is well designed, artistic, and makes use of popups to showcase the content. TMO confirmed with Microsoftis PR agency, Edelman in Seattle, that on this user focused site, Microsoft takes no specific action to scan the content for viruses and it is up to the uploaders to scan their files. Macros are discouraged on the upload page.