Microsoft Releases Mac Office Updater 11.3.2

Microsoft posted an updater for Mac Office, version 11.3.2 on Tuesday. The update provides improvements for PowerPoint and Entourage only. Edelman PR which represents Microsoft provided some clarifications.

  • The 11.3.2 updater has no security patches. Stabilty and bug-fix issues only are addressed.
  • The 11.3.0 patch must be in place first.
  • The previous patch, 11.3.1, which was briefly posted and then pulled, if applied, has incomplete code for security fixes for Word that were not completely tested according to Microsoft. While the 11.3.1 patch has no known issues, the 11.3.2 patch removes the incomplete security code in the 11.3.1 patch.
  • Microsoft has not announced when the security patches intended for 11.3.1 will be released.