Microsoft Reportedly Sought iPod Support for Upcoming Music Store

Rolling Stone magazine is reporting that a source close to Microsoft is saying that Big Redmond "made several overtures" to Apple to get iPod support for Microsoftis upcoming music store. According to the same source, Apple rebuffed those overtures. Microsoft will be opening its music store on September 2nd, according to the article, a couple of days after Apple Expo begins in Paris. From the article:

One source close to the matter says that Microsoft has made several overtures to Apple to make its store compatible with the industry-leading iPod but has been rebuffed. (Apple declined to comment.) Manufacturers of players that support Windows Media -- essentially all of them except the iPod -- are excited about the new site. "Any store selling music that our machines support is a great thing," says Gary Byrd, a spokesman for iRiver, a top-selling manufacturer. "When it comes to the market with Microsoftis might, thatis a double bonus."

There is more information in the full article, including details on the number of songs the service will launch with, and other details that have been emerging in recent weeks.