Microsoft Says "No Urgent Need to Uninstall Office Patch"

Last week, Microsoft said that a security update to Mac Office was posted in error and that those who installed it should "uninstall" the patch. The Mac BUis Mac Mojo Blog said that there is no real need to uninstall it on Monday.

The Blog said: "That post told users to uninstall the patch without giving clear guidance on how to do that.? Unfortunately, there is no easy way to uninstall it without going back to the original CD and doing a clean install followed by applying the latest full updater.? Thatis a really poor user experience for those who installed the update, so the Mac BU is working very quickly to rectify the situation.? As it turns out, however, the code that went live has no known issues, so while we recalled it because it had not been thoroughly vetted, thereis no urgent need to uninstall the patch."

Those who finally figured out how to uninstall the patch last week were angry about the difficulties they were subjected to. Many asked what the impact was of not installing the patch. This follow-up Blog from Microsoft answered that question.