Microsoft Shareholders Get A Conscience

Politically active Microsoft shareholders plan to propose precedent setting resolutions at Microsoftis annual shareholder meeting today.

One proposal would direct Microsoftis board of directors to disclose the details of the companyis political contributions. The other would require Redmond, "to abide by the China Labor and Human Rights Principles, designed to link investment in China to its human rights record."

According to C/NET News: "In its proxy statements, the companyis board of directors asked shareholders to vote against both proposals, and neither is expected to pass."

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company already discloses their political contribution records according to state and federal law.

As for China, "Microsoft does not have any manufacturing plants in China," says an AP report, "though it recently opened a 150-person research center there. Microsoft was one of many U.S. companies that lobbied Congress heavily to gain permanent normal trade relations status for China."