Microsoft Treads Where Apple Chooses Not To Go, Pushes Its Mac OS X Software

C|Net is reporting that Microsoft will be kicking off a new ad campaign that goes where Apple seems loathe to tread: pushing its Mac OS X offerings. Microsoft will begin a series of print ads in Mac and mainstream magazines that pushes Office v.X, and the very good compatibility between todayis Macs and PCs. This contrasts with Appleis own advertising which does not push Mac OS X, or its own Mac OS X software offerings. From the C|Net report:

The ads, which play up the ability of Macs and PCs to get along, will begin showing up Saturday in magazines geared at Macintosh, business, technology and design audiences, according to an e-mail from a Microsoft representative. One ad features a Mac and a PC playing chess by the pool, while another shows a Mac and PC eating Chinese take-out while watching a late-night movie.

"Macs and PCs have never been so compatible," read the adsi headlines. The ads encourage Mac users to go to a new Web site, to download a 30-day free trial of Office.

There is additional information in the full article, which we deem a good read.