Microsoft UK Recruits Head Attorney From Apple

Many have accused Microsoft of raiding Apple for ideas for its operating system, applications, and other ideas for software and hardware over the years. While those charges are debated back and forth by partisans from many camps -- with some even going so far as to name Apple as the imitator -- Microsoftis UK offices have raided Apple is a more old-fashioned manner. Law-oriented publication The Lawyer is reporting that Microsoft UK has hired away Appleis chief attorney in the UK, something we know because Macworld UK spotted the news first. From The Lawyer:

Chris Parker’s appointment fills a gap that has been vacant for some time following a shake-up of Microsoftis corporate structure.

Late last year, Yvonne McLean left the company for personal reasons. Her role as head of the four-lawyer UK team was expanded to bring the legal and corporate affairs departments closer together.

The recruitment of Parker completes a process of devolving responsibility from Microsoftis Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) team in Paris to its most important jurisdictions.

You can find more information in the full article at The Lawyer.