Microsoft & UNISYS Preach Windows Servers From A UNIX Pulpit

Do as I say, not as I do. Thatis the lesson Microsoft and Unisys want you to learn from their latest gaffe.

A new marketing strategy entitled "We Have The Way Out," and funded by the two companies, tries to convince IT professionals to switch to Microsoft servers versus UNIX. The only problem; The site is actually powered by UNIX, according to a C|Net article:

From the C|NET article:

The site ... runs on Web servers powered by FreeBSD, an open-source version of Unix, along with the Unix-based Web server Apache, according to Netcraft, which tracks Web site information.

The piece goes on to describe the new strategy as expensive and inflexible as opposed to Microsoftis server solutions.

The "We have the way out" campaign describes Unix as an expensive trap. One ad reads: "No wonder Unix makes you feel boxed in. It ties you to an inflexible system. It requires you to pay for expensive experts. It makes you struggle daily with a server environment thatis more complex than ever."The same ad depicts a scene in which a computer user has painted himself into a corner with purple paint. Sunis servers are manufactured in a shade of purple similar to that in the ad.The 18-month project will include advertisements, technical sales efforts and other marketing work plugging Unisysi high-end server and Microsoftis top-end version of Windows--two products that so far have made only their first steps into the data centers where high-end servers often reside.

Representatives from neither company were immediately available for comment on this matter.

Thanks to Observer David Nelson for pointing this out in a Forum topic.