Microsoft Updates MSN Messenger, Remote Desktop Connection Client

In addition to the critical security update for Mac Office v.X and Office 2001, Microsoft also issued updates today for both MSN Messenger and Remote Desktop Connection Client. Both updates are minor updates that bring improved features and various fixes to the software.

MSN Messenger 4.0.1: This update brings the Mac client up to code with the Windows version of the software. The company isnit offering many specifics on what is in the update, but is calling it a "mandatory" for MSN Messenger users. You can find more information and download links at Microsoftis Mactopia Web site.

Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.3: This software allows Mac users to connect to and control a Windows computer from your Mac, similar to the way Apple Remote Desktop and Timbuktu allow you to connect to and control a Mac. The update addresses stability issues, including a bug that caused a crash when minimizing the client window. A copy/paste bug was also addresses. You can find more information and download links for the update at the Mactopia site.