Microsoft Won't Appeal EU Ruling

Microsoft Corp. said Monday it will not appeal a European Union ruling forcing it to remove its Media Player from Windows, and said a stripped-down version of Windows "will be available to (European) retailers and other channels in coming weeks."

In December, an EU court ruled Microsoft had to divulge some trade secrets to competitors and produce a version of Windows without the Media Player program.

On Monday, Microsoft said it has decided not to appeal the ruling, but said it would continue to appeal the decision that imposed a US$648.5 million fine on the company and ordered it to share more of the computer code that allows servers to communicate on a network.

Microsoft said it remains "optimistic" about overturning the decision.

"Rather than seeking to suspend the Commissionis remedies, Microsoftis focus now is on working constructively with the Commission on their full and prompt implementation," the company said in a statement.

Microsoft did not say how much it will charge for the stripped-downed version of Windows or whether this version would be available outside Europe.