Microsoft's MSN's Business In The Toilet

Microsoftis business, at least in the UK division of MSN, is apparently in the toilet. Literally. Keep in mind that there are roughly 1,726 other jokes we could have made, but that one seemed the safest.

In any event, WebUser UK is reporting that MSN is preparing to release the iLoo. Now, a "loo" is the English pet name for a bathroom, as we would call it in The States, and the "i" stands for, well you guessed it: "Internet." The enterprising folks at MSN in the UK have figured out that what we really want when we use a pay toilet, especially at a festival or other outdoor event, is the ability to surf the Internet. Shows you where their minds are [Editoris Note: That was joke #792]. From the WebUser UK story:

The company is in the process of building a portable iLoo, which could make its first appearance at Glastonbury in June. Youill be able to sit down, undock a wireless keyboard and access the internet from a screen located directly in front of you.

MSN reveals it is also in talks with toilet paper manufacturers to produce special web paper for surfers "in need of URL inspiration". The iLoo will be broadband enabled and come equipped with speakers to play music from the internet.

Tracy Blacher, marketing manager at MSN, said: "The Internetis so much a part of everyday life now that surfing on the loo was the next natural step. People used to reach for a book or magazine when they were on the loo but now theyill be logging on."

It is not known if the iLoo keeps a log of your activities [Joke #61].

We donit believe in ripping off other peopleis content at TMO, so we will instead encourage you to go check out the full article at WebUser UK, where there is an image of the iLoo. Also, weid like to stress that to the best of our knowledge, this is not a joke. C|Net has published a much more indepth story on the this, since we first published our take.