Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit Manager On The Mac Show

Tonightis Mac Show will feature Kevin Browne, the manager of Microsoftis Macintosh Business Unit. Mr. Browne will share his thoughts on Office 2001, and talk about the future of Microsoft products on Mac OS X. According to The Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on Wednesdayis Mac Show will be the Manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft, Kevin Browne. With the release of Office 2001 for the Mac, everyone has lots of questions for Kevin!

On the TechTips segment, Ted Landau of MacFixIt will be on to talk about Mac OS X troubleshooting Apple Modem Updater 2.0: problems, IomegaWare and Appleis Financial Results what it means for the G4 Cube. And there will be another segment of the popular MacMedia Pro segment, with Mark Stevens.

And last but certainly not least, Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be talking to a very special Surprise Guest!

As usual, The Mac Show has a bucketload of prizes filling up their SwagBag - MacToday magazine subscriptions, Podium CoolPads from, Copies of Tech Tool Pro 3 & more t-shirts!

You can tune into The Mac Show tonight from 9-11:00 PM EST.